The Impossible Mission

Finding a good espresso in Aqaba always seemed like Mission Impossible! From five-star hotels to any cafe in Aqaba, we tried a lot and always ended up with old coffee, dark roasted and more water in our cups than coffee!

After travelling around, we found out each city, large or small, has its favourite cafe spots, a place where people hang out, enjoying well-made coffee and local vibes. In western towns, and most of the cities around us and like Dubai, Riyadh, Kuwait, a new wave of coffee was spreading. 


Learning Coffee!

We travelled around the world to learn from coffee enthusiasts. We met specialty coffee lovers, cafe owners, roasters to learn as much as we can.

We realised that coffee is a journey and continuous learning, so we engaged with the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) and became certified specialty coffee roasters!
Our next step is to learn from you how you enjoy your coffee and serve you the best coffee every day



Daily: 7AM - 11PM

Phone: +96279635443
Al saada Street,In front Days Inn hotel, Aqaba, Jordan