Our Story

Our story began with a quest for a good espresso in Aqaba, which always felt like Mission Impossible. Despite trying countless cafes, including those in five-star hotels, we were always left with old, dark roasted coffee and more water in our cups than actual coffee.

However, during our travels, we discovered that every city has its favorite cafe spots where people enjoy well-made coffee and local vibes. We also noticed a new wave of coffee spreading in the world, it was called The Third Wave of Coffee.


We surfed that third wave driven by our passion for specialty coffee, we embarked on a global journey to learn from coffee enthusiasts, cafe owners, and roasters. We realized that coffee is a continuous learning journey, so we engaged with the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and became certified specialty coffee roasters.


SCA certificates for V60 team

Our ultimate goal was to create the best coffee experience possible for you, our valued customers. To achieve this, we built a coffee lab and roastery in our hometown, where we spend most of our days tasting different specialty coffee and roasting fresh green beans for our Cafe in Al-Saada street.


At V60 Cafe, we strive to provide an authentic experience by serving locally roasted beans and homemade cakes from Aqaba With Love. We are dedicated to learning from you, our customers, about how you enjoy your coffee and continuously improving our offerings to serve you the best coffee every day.